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The Gymdog Legacy Club was formed to continue to grow and preserve the friendships alumni and support staff created while being part of the program and to support the current UGA gymnastics program, our University and the Athens community. Our involvement as a gymnast or staff member of the University of Georgia Gymnastics program helped establish it as a premiere collegiate gymnastics program in the nation. Our members continued support provides an opportunity to leave our mark on the program through involvement that promotes the Georgia Gymnastics program and the University of Georgia as well as carrying on the tradition of what it means to be a Georgia Gymdog. We host visits/receptions with our Gymdog family and host business networking opportunities which in turn gives back to the program that gave us so much.  The Gymdog Legacy Club gives us an opportunity to continue our legacy with the Gymdog program. 



2021-22 Legacy Club Membership Levels

Legacy Club memberships listed below are for former UGA Gymnasts (Gymdog Alumni) only. Fans wishing to join the Ten-0 Club or GymKids program should visit our regular membership page.

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